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title   Germiston Urban Renewal

date  2012

location   Germiston

type  Urban Renewal Development Plan

Renewal and Regeneration plan for a multi- disciplinary Urban Design Framework & Implementation Plan (referred to as GEAR 2030).  This GEAR 2030 strategy illustrated how the Local Authority could transform its planned Administrative Headquarters into a sustainable city, by maximizing the use of publicly owned land & transforming Germiston into an effective & efficient restructured urban center.


This included the identification of potential 30,000 residential housing opportunities in the inner city. Furthermore, this included the development of detailed precinct plan and design guidelines (per priority precinct); which is directly coupled to a scope of work and detailed implementation programme together with the development of tender documentation towards physical implementation and development. 


This strategy presented a land packaging approach, where the Municipality establishes their detailed required development (scope) per land parcel.  Proposals were then made for Detailed Precinct Planning, Design Guidelines and Land Packaging Proposals that were issued to the market for tendering and implementation.

*Collaboration with Urban Dynamics

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