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title   Kimberley Rehabilitation & Development


date  2021

location   Kimberley

type  Urban Framework


The City of Kimberley, the administrative capital of the Northern Cape Province, is marred by presence of large prime portions of land sterilised by the remnants of the historical mining activities. This has stifled development and contributed to the decay of the city.


The compilation of the UDDF has as its purpose the awakening of the city to the exploitation of the multitude of opportunities that exist for the generation of wealth and prosperity for Kimberley and its citizens. Changing the face of the City will serve as a catalyst for the economy of the city and the province and will serve as an example for creating a city that is the pride of all its citizens.  


This project aims to develop 12,000 residential units, with associated supporting infrastructure as a sustainable compact urban development. This will also include large retail centres, office complex, social facilities and a Government precinct.

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